What is CryptoPiece?Learn about an interested NFT game

What is CryptoPiece?

CryptoPiece is an NFT game that focuses on gamers, made by gamers and for gamers. We want to have our players not only feeling relax, enjoying their favorite game, but also earning at the same time. Through our unique play to earn system, players can gather their crew by recruiting mercenary through a Mercenary Contract in Merc Centre. They then can sail their ship and go on an exciting adventure. By capturing criminals in Wanted list by the Government, players can earn Belly – ingame currency – and level up their Merc.


  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Seed round: 4%. Price: 0.0005$.
  • Private-sale: 14%. Price 0.0014$.
  • Pre-sale: 15%. Price 0.002$.
  • Public sale (Initial Liquidity): 10%.
  • Initial price: 0.002$. Development fund: 5%
  • Gameplay incentives: 43%
  • Team: 5%.
  • Advisor: 2%.
  • Airdrop & Giveaways: 2%.
  • Farming pool: 5%



Each player will have their account linked to their metamask wallet. Each account can recruit as many mercenary as they want, but only 4 mercenaries can form a crew to go hunting in Battlefield.

Ingame currency

Belly token is used as currency, which can be swapped in Pancakeswap when launch or in centralized exchange whenever we are listed. Belly can be used to recruit Mercenaries in Merc Center, buy seed to plant for Devil Fruit in Fruit Market or trade with other players in Marketplace.

Mercenary contract

Mercenary can be bought at Merc Centre for 15,000 Belly each. Merc contract’s price will be increased (10% more) when total number of merc reach 5.000, 10.000, 15.000…).


Merc is one of the main NFTs in CryptoPiece, can be recruited through a Mercenary Contract in Merc Centre at first, or traded between players in Marketplace at later stage. Mercenaries are categorized in to:

  • Element: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Dark, Light.
  • Rarity: Common, Rare, Elite, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Godly with the recruiment rate of 51%, 24%, 11%, 7%, 4%, 2% and 1% accordingly.

Merc Center

Player can buy Mercenary contract here and sign the contract to recruit mercenary.

My Crew

All you recruited Merc will be listed in My Crew. Before set sail and go for hunt, player needs to select maximum 4 Merc to form a crew.

*Note: Stamina recovery is only applied to Merc that are added to the Crew.

Research Center

All you Devil Fruits will be listed here and can be used to upgrade your Merc.

Phase 1: Ora Ora no Mi fruit: used to help Merc get passed thresholds.


Marketplace is where players can buy/sell their Merc/unused Devil fruit or send it directly to other player.

Listing trade: 10% tax for every trade.

P2P trade: 3% tax for every trade.


Player can buy:

  • Fruit seed here to plant and get Devil fruit to enhance their mercenaries. Mercenary that eats Devil fruit will get more rewards for winning a battle.
  • Weapon
  • Ship


Players can go hunt criminals listed in Battlefield for rewards and experience to level their Merc.

Boss hunt

Players can gather to hunt bosses and share rewards (in BNB) according to their contributions. Each boss might have more than 1 element and can require player’s crew to have different merc rarity to be able to join the battle.


Players can stake their unused Bellies/NFT or farm in BNB/Belly pair.

Ori Ori no Mi

A D. Fruit used to help Merc to pass their thresholds when leveling. Each threshold will require a number of fruit.



Mercenary will start at level one when signing the contract. Each winning fight will give exp to level up Mercenary. Every 5 levels will give 1.5% more reward and exp. There are thresholds at every 10 levels, in order to pass the thresholds, player needs to upgrade their merc using Ora Ora No Mi D. Fruit with the same element with the merc. Each threshold will give extra 2% exp and reward.

Merc recruitment

At the beginning player needs to go to Merc Center to recruit mercenary by buying Mercenary contract (gas fee incurred). Upon receiving the contract, player needs to sign the contract (gas fee incurred) and can receive Merc with rarity from Common to Godly.


Each fight costs 30 stamina, player can choose among 4 wanted criminals, with the winning probability of: 20% 50% 70% & 85%. The list of criminals will be refreshed every 40 minutes.

*Every 200k belly holding in the wallet will give player 1% winning rate, maximum 5% (for 1 million belly holders)

Max Stamina: 150/150. Stamina recovery speed may vary depends on the rarity of Merc.


Phase 1

  • Graphical & functional design
  • Launch website + social
  • Airdrop & giveaway event
  • Marketing & presale
  • Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Gameplay testing
  • Launch game with: Merc Centre, My crew, Battlefieldo Influencer marketing
  • Coingecko, Coinmarketcap listing

Phase 2

  • Launch: Marketplace & more NFT Merc characters
  • Centralized exchange listing
  • Launch: Upgrade, Fruit market, Boss hunt
  • Add more languageso Team expanding

Phase 3

  • Interface, graphic redesign
  • Launch: Farm, PVP & more features.
  • More exchangeso Release mobile version (iOS, Android)