What is Bami? Learn about a decentralized financial hub on for everyone

What is Bami?

Bami is a multichain financial application aims to bring permissionless money solutions to the mass, built to integrate interchain solutions in savings, payment, trading, money market, etc. Bami focuses on user experience first and foremost.

Bami is built for mass adoption, thus, low cost is imperative. Launching it first on Binance Smart Chain makes sense due to the large user base and cheap tx cost. Bami will be chain-agonistic. Bami plans to expand to Ethereum as the layer-2 solution matures.


Current State of the Project

Ready at launch

  • Bami Dashboard
  • Bami Swap – Integrate with PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool
  • Incentivized Liquidity Provider
  • Nest staking
  • Staking

Future Product Development

Bami Lend – Q2/2021

A permissionless way to collateralize your assets and borrow other tokens safely.

Bami Pay – Q3-4/2021

Onramp/Offramp for VND and other currencies

Ongoing Development:

  • Ongoing improvement and support for Dashboard
  • NFT Ecosystem
  • Integration with Viet crypto ecosystem and the broader Defi scene.


Bami Token

Bami is a community-owned project.

  • The BAMI Token (BAMI) is Bami Protocol’s utility token.
  • BAMI tokens are also used incentivize liquidity providers and bootstrap the platform.
  • There will be a fixed total of 1 billion BAMI Tokens.

Bami Token Allocation

  • 48% of tokens will be distributed and controlled by the community.
  • 7% of Bami is allocated to the first 4 weeks of boosted rewards for liquidity providers.
  • 15% is reserved for future strategic expenses.
  • 5% of distributed tokens will go to early stage strategic investors.
  • 4% is reserved for future strategic investors.
  • 1% is allocated to public sale.
  • 20% of the distributed tokens will go to funding development and expanding the team.

Token Distribution

Initial LaunchYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Total
LP Incentive Rewards50MTBDTBDTBDTBD50M
Initial Liquidity20MTBDTBDTBDTBD20M
Strategic Reserve0M90M60M0M0M150M
Community Fund3M189M144M96M48M480M
Token Supply153M409M294M96M48M1000M

The tokens reserved for investor/strategic partners will be burned if deemed unnecessary.


  • Snapshot: A snapshot page for governance voting. Any proposals will be put through here.
  • Governance Vault: The vault will allow users to stake their BAMI tokens in return for vBAMI. Only vBAMI holders will have voting power on governance decisions. 1 vBAMI = 1 Vote.

Core Concerps


Bami Dashboard

Bami Dashboard will remove the complexity of blockchain and make it easier for you to manage your finances.

With Bami Dashboard, users can see their full financial portfolio. In addition, you will be able to participate in decentralized applications right on the Dashboard interface.

Bami Bridge

The Bridge feature allows users to transfer tokens between blockchain networks right on their wallets, thereby accessing different Defi platforms easily.

Currently, the first two blockchains supported on Bami Bridge are Ethereum (ERC20) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).

Bami Lend/Borrow

Bami Pay

Bami Pay is a native wallet application developed to help everyday users use Defi effortlessly. Bami Pay will have on/off ramp to help you buy and sell crypto assets through your bank accounts, wallet applications or credit cards in VND.

Bami Portfolio

Bami Portfolio brings easy portfolio management with predefined strategies or actively managed by investment professionals. Bami Portfolio is a non-custodial and permissionless protocol. Anyone can set up a fund while remain absolute privacy, or invest in a fund managed by others with transparency and clarity that can be verified 24/7.

Liquidity Provider & Yield Farming

To expand liquidity for VNDC and facilitate token allocation for users of the Bami ecosystem, Bami is launching a bonus program for users to create liquidity on Bami. Liquidation pools allow you to send LP tokens to farm BAMI. The reward per pool will depend on the number of depositors and the rewards of that pool.

Staking Pools

Staking Pools allow new projects to promote their platforms to the Bami community by distributing a portion of tokens to BAMI investors.

The Staking Pools are divided into two sections:

  • Core: The project will be selected by Bami’s team.
  • Community: The project is voted by the community.