Recap AMA: CryptoleakVN X GreenBeli

On September 30th, CryptoleakVn held a live AMA session on CryptoleakVn’s Youtube channel, with the core team of Green Beli. This session aimed to provide the community a better understanding of this NFT games. This event marked a milestone in the partnership between CRVN capital and Green Beli.

The event with Mr. Victor Nguyen – Founder of CryptoleakVn as the main host, along with two representatives of the Green Beli project, Ms. Kary Le (Green Beli Co-founder) and Thao Nguyen (Partnership Manager). This is a great chance for CryptoleakVn’s community to have the opportunity to explore more about this humane NFT game project.

Summary of the AMA event: CryptoleakVn X Green Beli.

In the beginning, Kary Le and Thao Nguyen introduced themselves and the project. After that, the two speakers went deeper into the details of this NFT game project such as vision, mission, long-term goals, gameplay, “play to earn” mechanism and tokenomics, and also answered question from the viewers.

About Kary Le and Thao Nguyen

Kary Le is currently the co-founder of the Green Beli project, she has experience in managing activities in many different projects.

Thao Nguyen is currently a Partnership Manager of Green Beli, she graduated with a master’s degree in Banking and Finance in the UK, and has worked at large corporations in Vietnam.

Overview of the Green Beli project

Green Beli has been implemented since 2019 with the goal of building a “Green Map”, including environmentally friendly stores and reducing plastic waste both in Vietnam and around the world. However, the project encountered some difficulties in the context of the raging COVID-19 pandemic, therefore, in July this year, the project team decided to turn to the Crypto market, especially the NFT game segment to take full advantage of global connectivity.

Game Play of Green Beli

The plot of the game is about green warriors carrying a mission to save the world. PvP is the most prominent mode in the game since it encourages 2 NFTs instead of fighting each other, they will team up and fight against monsters. These monsters represent factors that negatively affect the environment such as waste, smoke, etc. This mechanism brings a sense of humanity for the project. Besides, players can also explore other features similar to“Play to earn” including Staking, Farming, Breeding or Fusion, as well as collecting NFT items.

Poweful Backers and Green Beli’s story

Previously, the project participated in the “Game2 Blockchain” program and received positive reviews from investors and advisors. This comes not only from the professionalism and skill of the founding team, but also from the long-term efforts from 2019. In particular, the project’s strategic vision is to focus on environmental protection. Green Beli feels fortunate to have the opportunity to cooperate with well-known Crypto investors and NFT gamers, the most prominent of which are Victor Truong – CEO of DeFi Warrior and Cris Tran – Co-founder of FAM Central.

Can amateur Crypto investors join the game?

The purpose of Green Beli is not only aimed at players in the Crypto world, but also towards many different audiences, regardless of gender and age. Therefore, the game format is quite simple, the interface is lively, and related to environmental protection factors. On the other hand, the team focuses on entertainment purposes first, then goes deeper into earning more income from playing games. Through this project, Green Beli core team hope to raise awareness of Blockchain technology to the community

Green Beli leads traditional gamers into the Crypto space

Since Green Beli builds a humane script with the main goal of bringing entertainment, besides players from the Crypto space and traditional gamers, Green Beli also has strong support from environmentalists. Therefore, players not only earn money from the game, but also join hands with Green Beli to carry out activities for the environment. This is the core element that creates the value of Green Beli and attracts a massive community to participate in the game.

Long-term plan for the Tokenomics 

Tokenomics has been developed in a very meticulous and detailed way, so that all players can be attached to the project in the long run. In the near future, the core team also plans to expand more activities and use part of the revenue for environmental actions. At the same time, Green Beli also has long-term plans, such as using 2 Tokens in the game, when the ecosystem has reached a large number of players, in order to avoid inflation and also to keep GRBE token price growth.

Moreover, players can also exchange in-game tokens into Vouchers to use in Green Beli’s green store chains. In short, the team has built a sustainable project that players can have long term investment

Green Beli’s Strategy Against Inflation 

Green Beli entered the market when the NFT game space was very crowded. There are many projects that have been very successful, but there are also some projects that cannot stand. The team tried to re-evaluate the limitations and learn from previous projects. Also, with the coordination between a team with solid knowledge of Crypto and experienced advisors, all steps of Green Beli are carefully considered.

GRBE Token will be used as an in-game governance token. However, after reaching a certain number of users, Green Beli will issue one more Token in the game to facilitate the supply, burn and maintain “the two Token” model like other NFT games. Green Beli wants to become an outstanding project in the future and bring the game’s Token not only in the Blockchain space but can be applied in reality, such as converting into Vouchers at Convenience stores in the Green Map system.

GRBE plans to list on other platforms

Currently, BSC is a popular, easy-to-connect platform with low transaction fees and fast transaction speed so Green Beli is launched on this one. However, the team also plans to further expand on Solana and Polygon platforms to accommodate different users. Those are the orientations in Q1 and Q2 of 2022, and at the moment, the project is still focusing on building a Beta game board so that the community can play and earn money with in-game activities.

Solving worries about Scam.

In the context of many scammers appearing on the market, the concern and cautiousness towards Green Beli is unavoidable. However, Green Beli is not an emerging project, it has existed for 2 years since 2019. This project is both the determination and desire of the team due to a massive concern on the environmental problems. Additionally, the project is also guaranteed to have safety and security factors, which has been assessed by famous newspapers and appraisers such as Cointelegraph. This is an important point that ensures the beliefs of the community, as well as bring them together on a longer vision – not only an NFT game but also another direction in the future that combines the potentials of Crypto and Blockchain. The project cherishes an intention to turn the NFT trees in the game into a realistic model, for example, when you own 1 NFT tree in the game, it means that you own a tree in real life.

Milestones of the project

The project went IDO on September 22. The game launched farming and staking features. Recently, the game is being whitelisted for NFT sales and will end this weekend. 1 NFT seed is only about 1.15 BNB (about 1 million VND) and players only need 1 NFT to participate in the game. Afterthat, the game will launch the NFT Marketplace. At the end of October, the team is releasing the game’s testnet table while other features will be continuously released in 1-2 weeks apart. The annual farming return rate at launch was 1200%, the current APR is 700% to 800%, however the team is planning to reduce the rate to create a balance in the game.

The advantages of Green Beli project

What makes Green Beli special compared to other NFT projects is its commitment to the environment. The project commits to use a part of its revenue for the environmental protection fund.

Simple gameplay and low cost of buying NFT are also an advantage of Green Beli.

On top of that, the Dex team is experienced and specialized in the development of Blockchain game projects as well as backed by industry experts.

Finally, the team is having a long-term and overarching vision of the future that connects the game world and the real world.

Policy on risk issues 

Safety risks or technical errors that come unexpectedly is inevitable. Hence, only when it happens can the team come up with a solution. However, the team also has some contingency plans. Some members of the team have great experience in making games since 2015, so they will acknowledge on facing and solving risk issues. In the process of finalizing the product, the team will also try to foresee all possible errors by referring to the problems encountered by previous projects.

Safety mode for users

Depending on the severity of the problem, the team will offer appropriate solutions. Currently, the team is trying to fix the issues as much as possible, in order to bring out the best experience for players.

About Green Beli gas fee

At the moment, the game is also being calculated to bring the best advantage to users, so the team will update the gas fee later. However, according to the current Staking and Farming feature, users will have to pay a small gas fee ranging from 0.2 to 0.3 USD per transaction.

Gas fees will depend on the Blockchain platform. The game also does not have many operations that allow players to participate in both on-chain and off-chain modes. Thus, the game will limit gas fees to the lowest level for users.

About NFT characters’ breeding 

The Green Beli game has breeding features. Each NFT tree will have 5 free spawns, each spawn can create an NFT with the same genome as the parent NFT. Each NFT will be located by 4 factors including: gene, rarity, system (there are 5 systems: Metal, wood, water, fire, earth) and finally star (rank). Therefore, each characteristic of a newly generated NFT tree will mostly depend on their origin.

Dealing with competitors in the future

Community is a long term and growing factor for the project. As a result, from the very beginning, the team decided to focus on building the connection between the community and the project. Green Beli also has a pretty solid foundation built in 2019 that is closely associated with the mission of environmental protection. The team believes that both in Vietnam and all over the world, it is hard to find a project that integrates Blockchain gaming with a traditional project that is associated with such a mission to protect the environment like Green Beli.

Green Beli may become the pioneer in this field. The project has its own ways to reach the community, towards many competitors. In the near future, the core team will have to constantly come up with new plan to meet the needs of the market.

Some recent projects have been labeled as “Touch to earn” due to the monotonous gameplay. What is the approach of Green Beli towards this problem?

The orientation of the project is to raise people’ awareness about Blockchain gaming so the game has simple gameplay, easy to join and suitable for everyone, even fresher. Green Beli’s core team has also never drawn any impractical vision for investors. 

As it is clearly stated in the roadmap, the game will launch more features from simple to complex, combining the real world with the virtual world. The information about the route will also be continuously updated by the team for the community to follow and participate in. Green Beli’s core team expects insightful opinions and contributions from players for the project. Also, the contribution of the community can build a solid foundation for the success of this project.


Through the AMA sharing session of two speakers, CRVN Capital community has gained more useful information about this new, unique and equally humane gaming project. We believe that this potential project can be “To the Moon” in the upcoming time.