Recap AMA: CryptoleakVn X Bomb Crypto

On October 5th, CryptoleakVn held an AMA with representatives from Bomb Crypto – a blockchain game project inspired by a classic video game Bombsquad. The session was very successful, with more than 3000 participants from CryptoleakVn’s Telegram community. Pham Duy Khuong – Lead Project Manager of Bomb Crypto, with the guidance of two members of CryptoleakVn, Hai ProX and Alex Vuong. CryptoleakVn will summarize the main developments of this special AMA event, so that readers who have not had the opportunity to participate can understand more about the Crypto Bomb project.

Recap AMA: CryptoleakVn X Bomb Crypto

Brief introduction about Mr. Duy Khuong and the Crypto Bomb project

Duy Khuong is currently the Lead of the Project Manager team of SENSPARK. His team is in charge of the management to ensure the completion of the target of all projects under the company, including Bomb Crypto.

Bomb Crypto is an NFTs, Play-To-Earn game running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, inspired by the classic bomb game that is familiar to many players around the world, especially the simulation game Senspark’s video game had has over 1 million downloads on the App Store – Bombsquad.

The target group of Bomb Crypto

The main target audience of the game was the Crypto gaming community, and the team still conducts Live AMAs and promotes through media channels of Crypto partners. It is possible that in the upcoming period, Boomb Crypto will have more activities aimed at non-crypto players, to expand the player base for the game since NFTs games are currently trending and can become successful in the future.

Tokenomic of Bomb Crypto

Why did the team put a traditional game on the Blockchain?

This is the general trend since the traditional game market has also begun to show signs of saturation. In order to develop, the company also needs to find a new direction. Blockchain is the trend of the future, and SENSPARK also does not want to miss this chance.

What’s outstanding about Bomb Crypto to attract players?

According to our team, Bomb Crypto has a number of strengths as follows:

  • The game was able to mine BCOIN and earn money as soon as it was released.
  • The Classic Casual category is a new niche in the NFT Blockchain market.
  • The game has more than 1 million downloads and proved a success when released on Google Play.
  • Team with more than 10 years of experience in the field of game making.
  • Advisors team from Google
  • Pixel graphics are accessible to users and there will be character creation events. 

What difficulties did the team face when switching to Blockchain games?

From the beginning of the project, there were many difficulties. The company has never made a Blockchain game, so it was quite strange, but fortunately, Lam Ho (CEO) worked hard to research and guide the team. I’m in the team. Gradually, the Bomb Crypto team also started to get acquainted and began to understand what Blockchain Game is like, and since then, just learning and doing until now, it was unexpected that after the product launch, it was so well received.

In general, making Blockchain games looks simple, but not as simple as people think. Currently, the project is still going on right with the roadmap, although there are still many difficulties. 

Does Bomb Crypto have any plans for future development?

The development plan on the network other than BSC is still not being considered , because we are focusing a lot on improving the quality of the product first. The team also has some plans to upgrade the gameplay, most recently in the fourth quarter of 2021, the game will launch a new game mode called Story Mode. In this game mode, players have to control their own Bomber Hero to fight the machine, the boss instead of just letting his Bomber Hero proceed to play by himself like at the present time.

Is Bomb Crypto going to release a mobile version?

Of course, the strength of SENSPARK is the Mobile platform, but it takes a while for the web version to work stably. Specifically, if there is new information, the Team will make an announcement on the official communication channels.

The benefits of VIP & Stake in this project

VIP & Stake is still in the design process. However, you can check out the demo below:

Does the game use player skills to win?

The game will have 2 modes: Story Map and PvP modes, where players need to control their own Bomber Hero, so it is suitable for skillful players. These are just the basic core features of the game so far and the Story Map is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2021

Does Bomb Crypto plan to update the graphics?

The team may think about it in the near future, but the update here will be in the direction of graphics that still keep the Pixel style but more elaborate.

Is the number of Bomber Hero limited?

Currently, each player (with 1 Wallet) can only own up to 50 Bomber Hero.

The supply of Bomber Hero is variable according to market demand, if there is any adjustment related to this issue, the Team will notify.

Bcoin price has plummeted, after a technical problem? Is the team being “overloaded” when switching to Blockchain games?

The increase and decrease in the price of a coin is relatively normal and it is easily influenced by the community, for example, when the game is not accessible, some players may feel untrustable and they may sell off BCOIN, which causes the price to drop. Then others were also affected and sold as well.

The main reason is the rapid growth of players, beyond the Team’s expectations, thus leading to overload. Currently, the company has also made adjustments and improvements so hopefully this will not happen again in the near future.

Does the game have a special mechanism to retain players for a long time?

The game will have many different game modes to satisfy the needs of all gamers and investors such as Story Mode, Treasure Hunt Mode, PvP Mode, collect & sell special NFT items:

  • The game has 3 main gameplays, for instance, the Treasure Hunt mode will be suitable for busy people
  • The game has a Story Mode for offline gamers.
  • The game has a PVP Mode, which is appropriate for gamers who like to play online with high competition and skills.

Recent IDO round

Currently, the IDO round of Bomb Crypto took place on September 22nd. So users can buy BCOIN on Pancakeswap with BUSD.

Does the team have AUDIT certification to ensure security and transparency?

This is an important thing that the team has to do in the beginning. Currently the team is also working with the Verichains audit team.


Through the very brief but deeply focused sharing on the issues that the community is concerned about by Mr. Khuong Duy, it is hoped that CryptoleakVn investors and Crypto enthusiasts have had a deeper insight into this potential project. We believe that the Bomb Crypto team will achieve more success and breakthroughs in the near future.