Partnership Announcement: CRVN Capital x STECH

In the context of the growing cryptocurrency industry with the appearance of a mass of Crypto and Blockchain projects. In parallel, investment funds, Venture Capital and Technology Business Incubators also began to proliferate to create abundant economic resources for the Cryptocurrency industry. On that basis, CRVN Capital and STECH, two investment funds focusing on the Crypto field, have established a partnership to create a financial, technology and communication alliance to bring the best support to the potential startup projects. With the criterion ‘if you want to go far, go together’ CRVN Capital and STECH commit to a long-term companion to accomplish our common mission and vision of “Lighting up Vietnam’s digital economy”.


STECH is a company specializing in investment and development of technology platform projects for industries based on its strengths in user development and the ability to solve Growth Hacking problems. The company’s core value is an intellectual resource, the company’s biggest capital is intelligence and the value of humans.
STECH aims to bring significant financial returns to investors and customers through investment in small and medium-sized private enterprises that lack capital and activities that support the business in terms of management after investment. STECH will flexibly create and promote new investment opportunities that have not yet launched in the financial market. STECH may also seek investment opportunities in shares of public companies and shares of state enterprises before initial public offering for equitization if these enterprises are of medium and small scale.
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