CRVN Capital is amazingly thrilled to announce that CRVN Capital has become the next crew member on Heroes TD boat to sail towards success. With the spirit of both investment and research , we believe Crypto is potential and Startup projects needs to be nurtured in a special way . CRVN Capital looks for groundbreaking , creative , legitimate projects and connects them to our community.


Heroes TD is a collectible tower defense strategy game with an entirely unique gameplay mechanic. To win, you can collect and build your deck. You can play the game and earn money at the same time. Players in Heroes TD can join a community to play with others. Users can also make one-of-a-kind NFT content and exchange it with other players to earn real money.

The game was developed by the CG Studio team, consisting of outstanding and experienced members. Founded in 2013, the team has been working on developing mobile games and blockchain technology. After developing casual games and world popular games, they shifted their focus to online strategy games in 2015, publishing titles such as GunGun Online, Chess TD, and others. These are mid-core strategy games with appealing gameplay that have received over 6 million downloads on mobile marketplaces and are continuously growing.

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