FAM Central – DeFi platform for film and entertainment industry

What is FAM Central?

FAM Central is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and decentralized financing (DeFi) platform for film and entertainment industry.

FAM Central’s product

FAM Central has 3 main products:

FAM LAUNCHPAD: a platform that helps projects to raise capital through IDO – a kind of token issuance on a decentralized platform

FAM NFT INCUBATION: a product that helps incubate film, entertainment projects, and artists in building and releasing the NFT genesis set with an appropriate tokenomics model.

FAM DEFI ECOSYSTEM: a decentralized financial ecosystem, an important part for Fanvestor, holders of FAM token, project token, and NFT ecosystems.

FAM Central’s features:

Launchpad: a feature that allows projects to be introduced to Fanvestors who are always looking for investment opportunities in potential projects or favorite projects.

DAO community: a feature that helps to closely connect the project with Fanvestor on a decentralized platform and give more rights to Fanvestor such as voting and transparent reward mechanism.

NFT platform: a feature that helps to release NFT genesis and NFT collections for the project.

NFT marketplace: a feature that creates a space for exchanging NFT items (buy/sell) that have been released.

Liquidity: a feature that creates liquidity for token projects, NFT is developed on the FAM Central platform.

DEFI Platform: a platform that helps to increase utility for project token, the NFT’s project is developed on the FAM Central platform.

FAM token in FAM Central’s ecosystem:

As a foundation token, a membership token (utility token), only FAM token holders can use FAM’s features and ecosystem.

  • Conditions to buy NFT Launchpad
  • Conditions to join Project Launchpad for film, entertainment projects
  • Enjoy DEFI ecosystem
  • Get reward according to membership
  • Right to vote in the FAM ecosystem

Token allocation: total supply of 100,000,000 tokens allocated:

  • 18%: for founders and team
  • 12%: for advisors, partners
  • 20%: fundraising budget
  • 14%: liquidity fund
  • 16%: reward for fanvestors
  • 10%: foundation for artists
  • 14%: community/airdrop.

STANDARDBEP20 (Binance Smart Chain)
ERC20 (Ethereum chain)
KRC20 (Kardiachain)
SMART CONTRACTBEP20: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4556A6f454f15C4cD57167a62bdA65A6be325D1F#balances
MAXIMUM SUPPLY100,000,000 token (One hundred million tokens)
DENOMINATIONS0.40 USDT (public sales)
FAM’s token infomation

The uniqueness of FAM Central project

FAM has 3 different points that can make it become a breakthrough project:

Mass adoption: The entertainment industry can reach mass adoption as quickly as NFT games. 

Connecting the physical world: FAM’s biggest difference is in the connection between the digital world and the physical world, bringing different experiences for fans.

Pioneer: NFT entertainment will soon become a “new trend” with the unique “Enjoy to Earn” model in the Metaverse worlds that FAM Central introduces to fans around the world.

FAM Central’s product roadmap

  • Sep – 2021
    • Launch the first movie project on FAM Launchpad
    • Launch of the first NFT incubate project
  • Q,4 – 2021
    • Launch of FAM NFT Marketplace
    • Announce first movie project on Launchpad
    • Issue NFT genesis sets for famous artists in Vietnam.
    • Expand to the Philippines market
  • Q.1 -2022
    • Expand new countries
  • Q.3 -2022
    • New domain music

Core team 

Charlie Nguyễn – Chairman. He is a famous Vietnamese-American film director and producer living in Vietnam.

Khoa Nguyễn – Vice Chairman. Khoa Nguyen is a serial entrepreneur who is comfortable with multiple business models.

Rich Long Nguyễn – BOD. Rich Long Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American businessman who has invested in Vietnam for more than 15 years.

Eric Vương – BOD. Eric Vuong is an expert in Fintech, managing and implementing online payment and blockchain technology applications for investment and finance for the Vietnam market.

Cris Duy Trần – BOD. Cris Duy Tran is an expert in the field of digital transformation.

Cường Hoàng – COO. Cuong Hoang is an expert in the payment industry & digital marketing.

The future of FAM Central

NFTentertainment and Metaverse are two keywords that will be trending soon. This is an exclusive blockchain project that connects with the physical world, especially through the speed of connecting with artists, bringing a large fan base, the FAM Central project will increase the growth rate and create massive value growth for the FAM token.